Home Office Art Installation from NYC Picture Hanging Service

Remember when your home office was a nice place to pay bills and catch up on work on the weekends? Then came March 2020, when many of us began to work from home more or even exclusively. Maybe you have an entire room set aside as a home office, or just a nook wedged between rooms. Whatever your situation, you can enhance your work from home experience by rethinking what’s on your walls. As food for thought, here are some ideas for home office art installation.

This is a comfortable and contained nook for a home office. The small gallery wall of personal photography fits perfectly in the space, and includes the computer screen as an element. Along with a great office chair, home office art installation is essential to making an office feel focused, functional, and pleasant.

home office art installation

















In the absence of corporate rules, freedom and flexibility reign in the home office. Artwork choices can be much more spontaneous and personal. Many people opt to include their own personal artwork or work made by family and friends.

home office art installation
















Picture rails are a great choice when you want to move pieces frequently without damaging walls. Picture rails contribute to this room’s clean, modern aesthetic. With natural light and artwork on the walls behind the desk chair, this office set up has great Zoom appeal.

home office art installation










These two colorful prints pop off of these walls. For those of us balancing personal life and work life, it’s important to set a professional tone in our home office. The space below has an elegant, creative, and down-to-business feel.










We’ve written about bringing nature inside. This home office art installation does that and more by mixing framed pieces, objects, and plants on minimalist shelves. There’s a lot to look at and be inspired by in this light-filled room.

















For those really needing quiet and privacy, there’s always the transformed garden shed. There’s no excuse for not getting work done in this secluded retreat. The colorful artwork on the walls completes the transformation.











The work at home trend is here to stay, at least in some form. If you’d like to spruce up your home office walls for your own enjoyment or to enhance your Zoom appeal, contact us at 212.477.4319 or