Manhattan Art Hanger Brings Nature Inside

Less tech, more nature. That’s a theme we’re seeing in our clients’ homes these days. It seems that the trend in nurturing house plants has spilled over to our walls. See how this Manhattan art hanger brings nature inside through great art installation.

Thirty-six. That’s how many birdies this family has in their kitchen. The spare photography highlights the unique personality of each bird, while the grid overall is a gorgeous color study.

art installation brings nature inside













This large photograph of a well-groomed park puts me in the mood for a stroll. The size of the work and its prominent position above the sofa make me feel like I could walk right onto the gravel lane. And maybe that’s part of what we want from nature-themed art: to make us feel like we’re really out there reaping nature’s benefits. While you’re not actually getting exercise or enhancing your vitamin D levels, photographs like this one in a beautiful room can make you feel calm and relaxed.

a photo a park demonstrating art that brings nature inside













This triptych immediately takes me outside, to a field, in the rain to be with this majestic horse. And it’s been pouring down rain for days where I live, so this piece feels very relevant.

photo of a horse demonstrating how art brings nature inside





















The placement of this piece above the doorway is a brilliant example of how this Manhattan art hanger brings nature inside. The bird feels in-flight, and I feel uplifted along with her.














Another way to bring a more natural look to a room is through framing. These rattan mirrors we installed for Tory Burch bring an earthy, organic warmth to these rooms.

All of ILevel’s employees are naturals at art installation, and in exceeding client expectations. One happy client had this to say,

“ILevel did a wonderful job, as has been my experience over the years. Though my little art collection is important to no one but myself, the ILevel employees I have had the pleasure of working with always treat my collection with enormous care and thougthfulness. I’m so grateful!”

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