NYC Art Installers Create Gallery Walls

At ILevel, we don’t use templates to create gallery walls. Instead, we use our extensive experience, technical skills, and great design sense to create unique gallery walls for every client.

Gallery walls continue to be popular in the decorating world for many reasons. First, when done right, they look amazing. In many cases, they create more interest than a single, framed piece (depending on the piece, of course!). Great gallery walls highlight individual pieces and produce a sensational overall WOW. They allow for individual expression and creativity, as you can mix all varieties of artworks including framed objects and sculpture, and sizes, shapes, and colors of frames. Finally, you can choose from free form designs or perfectly balanced grids.

Here are a few of the great gallery walls we’ve recently created.

This arrangement is a perfect example of ILevel’s design sense. No two elements in this arrangement are alike, so we put our intuitive sense of spacing and proportion to work to create a cohesive design. We started with a central, larger focal point piece, then mixed frame sizes, colors, and shapes bringing variety and balance. Necessary job skill for an ILevel art installer: ability to do the splits between ladders.

art installer creates a gallery wall

create gallery wall













There’s so much interest and intrigue in this design. This arrangement works so well as a whole and still manages to highlight individual pieces. Here it is in the planning stages on the floor, and as a finished arrangement.

gallery wall being created

create gallery wall









We used the console as a center piece in this arrangement of black and white photographs. The consistent frame and mat color help to unify this grouping.

gallery wall over a console











We like to incorporate pieces of sculpture and furniture in our designs. This arrangement extends all the way to the console by including an elephant sculpture with a variety of framed animal photographs. Also, the console color and lamp shade match some of the mats in the framed pieces. The lamp shade acts as an element in the wall design, as well. This is a stunning use of wall space in a bedroom or home office.

create gallery wall















If gallery walls are your thing, we’ve got you covered. Call ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email if you’d like us to create a personal gallery wall in your home or office.