Hamptons Art Hanging Company and the Home Bar

ILevel works all over the tri-state area, and it’s no surprise that we’re thought of as the best Hamptons art hanging company. We’ve noticed a trend in the homes of many of our Hamptons clients lately: the creation of the home bar. It didn’t take a crystal ball to predict this one. Since liquor stores were considered essential businesses during the pandemic, it stands to reason that people might want a special place in their homes where they can indulge. Well-appointed home bars can make you feel like you’re out on the town, while practicing the ultimate in social distancing.

We’ve seen neglected nooks turn into bars, full rooms renovated, and sometimes just a cart installed in a closet. By selecting art that differs from what’s on the rest of the walls, these spaces are set apart as a refuge for enjoying a beverage, and great conversation.

This home bar has it all: leather couches, a full wooden bar, gorgeous tin ceiling, and bar-themed artwork. This homeowner can skip the crowds, and still feel like they’re in a comfortable neighborhood pub enjoying a pint. ILevel installed a salon wall composed of an eclectic mix of pieces in every imaginable frame type.

Hamptons art hanging company installed a home bar












Forty-eight different colorful cocktails are on display in this home bar. The dark blue wall makes this arrangement of vibrant photography POP. We’ve installed many amazing grids before, but this one deserves a special toast. And we’re hoping this is a visual menu!

Hamptons art hanging company installs a home bar











Finally, one subtle statement piece sums up the general mood for the last year: make it a double. This large piece is hung over a wood wall on brass chains from the ceiling. A hanging system like this one has many benefits: you can change the art frequently creating a new look on a whim, and the walls remain undamaged by nails.

Hamptons picture hanging company installs a statement piece












Maybe your home bar has an elegant cocktail lounge feel or a it’s mini night club in an abandoned alcove. Whatever your style, ILevel can help establish the ambience through art. Give us a call at 212.477.4319 or email at