Roaming Gallery Walls Created by Manhattan Picture Hanging Service

The debate over gallery walls continues to wage on. Are they tired and over-played? Or do gallery walls continue to be a way to express creativity and originality? They’ve been in vogue since the seventeenth century, and while we think they’re here to stay, there’s always room for updating. Cue roaming gallery walls. The roaming gallery wall is a grouping of artwork that extends beyond traditional boundaries.

This arrangement is an example of art installation ingenuity. The unifying theme here is landscape paintings, but beyond that variety reigns. A bold gold frame anchors the arrangement. It’s surrounded by pieces in a variety of frames and one unframed piece. A piece hangs below the molding, two are suspended on the molding, and one is leaning from above. The arrangement begins to roam above the doorway. The doorway itself appears to be part of the installation.

a roaming gallery wall
















Next up, we have a family photo gallery wall that roams a stairway and navigates a window. These vibrant color snap shots in a mix of sizes accompany you as you walk up and down the stairs. This stairway wall could easily have been overlooked in a decorating plan. Instead, it’s become a place where family memories are shared.

family photos in a roaming gallery wall










This collection of plates defies expectations by including more traditional Delft style plates with contemporary designs. The creative arrangement, roaming over the doorway, contributes to the appeal of this attractive collection.













It’s so important to include spaces like bathrooms in your decorating plans. This roaming gallery wall leads the eye up the wall and over the doorway, taking full advantage of the room’s high ceilings. The precise spacing between pieces helps this arrangement hang together perfectly.
















Finally, the traditional four piece grid displayed on this wall is mirrored in an unexpected way on an adjoining wall. Mixing up the the number of pieces and their arrangement helps create a surprising and fresh feeling.










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