Hang Art in the Bathroom

Your bathroom may not be the first place you think of to hang your favorite artworks. At ILevel, we think art has an important place in a well-decorated bathroom. When you hang art in the bathroom, you elevate this functional space to a fantastic place you look forward to visiting.

Special Considerations

Bathrooms are special places. They’re typically smaller than other rooms which means less wall space, so whatever you choose will be noticed. Fewer people see your bathroom compared to other parts of your home. This means you can choose things that are very personal, if you wish. There’s a near constant supply of steam and moisture so some pieces can be prone to damage.

Choose Wisely

The bathroom might not be the place to hang your most precious pieces. Though with proper professional framing you can protect pieces from moisture. Look for pieces that have been framed with a sealed back to shield your works from warping and mildew. You can hang canvas, as long as it has a coating to protect the piece from moisture. Unframed pieces like sculptures, tiles, plates, and decorative baskets are great choices.

We’ve chosen to hang art in the bathroom at ILevel’s offices, of course. On one wall we’ve installed these vintage medicine bottles on wall wedges. And these fit the bill as bathroom-themed, as well.

demonstrates art hung on the walll

These Josef Albers prints make a bold and bright statement in this bathroom. They pair well with the modern mirror and fixtures.

josef Albers prints in a bathroom

A family photo wall in the bathroom? We think this one looks great.

family photo wall in the bathroom

For a client project, we used adhesive hooks to hang art on porcelain surrounding a bathtub. Take a look at this beautiful installation.

For art installation help in your bathroom or any room in your home or office, contact ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email

demonstrates art hung in the bathroom