Family Photo Wall Experts NYC

If social media is any barometer, people are very excited to get together and enjoy each other’s company again. The phones at ILevel, family photo wall experts NYC, have been ringing constantly with requests for family photo walls that display all of the great memories from those gatherings. What does it take to become family photo wall experts?  We think it comes down to creativity, installation expertise, and communication. And we’ve developed a comprehensive process to take your photos from your phone to your walls with as much or as little effort as you’d like to expend.














As part of our communication process with clients, we ask about their hopes and objectives for their projects. We talk about things like the mood of an installation, is it upbeat and casual or more stately and formal? This family photo wall feels active, spontaneous, and youthful much like the family it features. We ask if the arrangement should provide room for expansion, or if the installation is a finished project. This design has room to grow and expand along with its subjects. Details that appear simple, like the perfect center line of space between frames, bring balance and cohesion to this creative arrangement.

family photo wall in stairwelll


















Given a blank wall in a stairwell, ILevel created the unique installation you see above. A consistent color is the glue that holds this grouping of different sized and shaped frames together. The cameos in their classic ovals provide variety. A grid design with frames of the same size and shape requires meticulous measuring. A more free flowing design like the above requires technical skill and creativity – knowing what goes where to create a pleasing asymmetry, while also appearing balanced.

Family photo wall in sunlight hallway













This light-filled hallway is a perfect place to engage the help of the family photo wall experts NYC. This wall includes contemporary and vintage images, and many frame sizes. White mats and great design bring this installation together. More images can be added to this arrangement over time.

Has our style of family photo wall installation changed over the years? You decide. Here are two family photo wall posts from years past:

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