Teamwork Makes the Art Installation Dream Work

ILevel is frequently asked to hang big and heavy works of art. You see a large painting in a corporate lobby. We see the teamwork that makes the art installation dream work. Hang a huge painting on the ceiling? It’s no problem for ILevel’s team of expert installers. The installers at ILevel have at least three things in common: they’re all artists so they appreciate what they’re handling, and have a great sense of what should go where, they have amazing technical skills, and they are all great team members.

Being artists, you might think our installers like to work alone. These photos of recent projects dispel that myth. Many of our expert installers have worked together for years so they know how to collaborate and communicate while handling delicate and often really heavy works of art.

First, we attached the appropriate hardware to hang this Leger sculpture. This large ceramic piece was hung in sections on a metal track. These behind the scenes photos show how many people it takes to bring this artist’s vision to life.

teamwork making the art installation dream work











A team of art installers places a large sculpture on a wall











Here’s another example of a large sculpture hung by a team of ILevel’s expert installers.

teamwork making the dream work on this large sculpture















Mirrors come in many sizes and shapes, and the ones we are asked to hang are often large and heavy.

a large mirror hung on a wall by a team of expert art installers


















And then there’s this whale of a piece we hung in a client’s apartment in New York City.

art installers work together to install a whale painting













When you think of an art installation professional, you might imagine someone that is good with tools, a great problem solver, someone with a great design sense. We think of our collaboration and interpersonal skills as the secret sauce that sets ILevel apart.

Looking for help installing a large painting or sculpture? Call 212.477.4319 or email and we’ll send a team right over.