When to Call NYC’s Best Professional Art Installation Company

There are times when you think you can DIY a picture hanging project. Maybe you’ve got one photo, mirror, or painting and you feel you’ve got the tools and the skills to hang that one piece. And then there are moments when you know it’s time to call NYC’s best professional art installation company, ILevel. Because we’ve got the experience, technical skill, and manpower, nothing is too large, tricky, or heavy for us to handle. There are many reasons why you should hire a professional to hang your pictures. And here are five examples of when you definitely don’t want to go it alone.

When you want to hang a giant painting on the ceiling

This project took several people, many ladders, and lots of know-how to lift this piece without damaging it, install it safely on the ceiling, and work with that groovy pink lighting.

Best professional art installation company hangs a painting on a ceiling

When you’re creating a salon wall over mirrors

This is one of many salon walls that ILevel installed in this residential lobby. The entire lobby has mirrored walls with built-in brass grids to hang from making for a very tricky install. ILevel’s team of professionals drafted a plan and got the job done in style.

Best professional art installation company hangs a salon wall over a mirrored wall

When you’re installing stained glass in a very high window

Extreme height and this delicate stained glass created an installation project with a high difficulty level. ILevel mastered it with teamwork and technical skill. How about that otherworldly light!

Best art installation company hangs a stained glass window

When you’re hanging a huge painting in your lobby

This piece in a corporate lobby required lifts, ladders, and lots of hands. Handling a piece of this size is our bread and butter. Lobby attendant inserted for scale.

When the figures in your painting are life-size

At the risk of stating the obvious, this painting would be impossible to hang yourself! Time to call ILevel, NYC’s best professional art installation company.

Whether you’ve got an extremely difficult project, or something on the smaller side, ILevel is standing by to help you with your art installation projects. Call us at 212.477.4319 or email