Manhattan’s Best Art Installers Spend the Day with Martha Stewart

Do you have the urge to re-feather your nest, now that you’re spending more time at home? Last week, ILevel and Martha Stewart worked together to refresh the walls in her winter home. Here’s a link to Martha’s blog with a detailed description and great photos of the project. We hung mirrors, paintings, and Martha’s wonderful collections of plates. Here are some of the highlights from our day.

A wall installation of Martha Stewart's plates

Above is one of Martha’s collections of Wedgewood drabware. All of the plates were placed on tables so that ILevel and Martha could create possible arrangements before deciding on a favorite display. If you’ve got some pretty plates in your cupboards, check out ILevel’s tips for hanging plates, and take a look at some other plate collections we’ve hung.

Manhattan's best art installers hang a large painting in a stairwell

The ILevel team hang a painting of Niagra Falls on a stairway wall. It’s hung high enough so that it’s not blocked by the banisters, offering an unobstructed view from the first floor.

Carlos and David hang a mirror and observe physical distancing protocols. Depending on the weight of the mirror, we’ll use picture hooks or D-rings, plus picture wire for added security. The final touch is to check the piece for straightness using a level.


ILevel and Martha Stewart designed this salon installation of mushroom paintings

A salon wall of mushroom photos hangs in this stairwell. To determine how to place the pieces, ILevel considers the size of the wall, the dimensions of each piece, and the height of the stair risers. The math majors will have fun doing this DIY!

ILevel and Martha Stewart have worked together many times before. Here’s a video of ILevel founder David Kassel demonstrating how to hang pictures (and doing a lot of math!) with Martha back in the day.

Call us at 212.477.4319 to bring ILevel’s expertise to your nest re-feathering project. We are open in all locations, and are committed to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for our customers.