Safety and Security Courtesy of NYC’s Best Professional Art Handlers

The safety and security of our client’s artwork is always top of mind at ILevel. Our recent project with Martha Stewart highlights many of our safe art handling techniques. Whether we’re hanging family photos or priceless works of art, we treat your artwork and your home with kid gloves. Let’s take a look.

demonstration of safety and security in art installation
















Above we have the gold standard of safe and secure art installation practices. David and Carlos place their tools on a towel to protect Martha’s rug. The towel below the mirror protects the mirror’s frame before it’s lifted to the wall, by two people, of course! David and Carlos wear no-slip gloves to ensure that pieces are secure in their hands. And they remove their shoes when entering the house to protect rugs and floors.

towels provide safety and security














We always place towels under and behind pieces if we lean them on walls before we hang them. This protects the frame and the floor and walls.

safety drill and security envelope














Pro tip: this nifty paper and tape envelope catches debris caused by drilling. The envelope helps keep the area clean, and reduces time spent tidying after drilling. Our drills are equipped with lights for better visibility.

safe and secure hardware for art installation














We hang pieces on D-rings that are rated by weight. And we make sure that D-rings fit pieces perfectly so they aren’t visible on walls. For this large mirror, we added picture wire. This provides flexibility in case the piece needs to be adjusted once it’s hung.











We come to every project with an assortment of hardware so that we can provide the most secure installation for any piece.












We use painter’s tape with a very light adhesive to avoid damaging walls. This allows us to mark the walls for measuring while leaving them scuff-free.

For more on our safety and security practices, take a look at this post about safely hanging art over a baby’s crib. We treat every project with this level of safety in mind.

In many of these photos, you can see the additional safety and security protocols we’ve put in place in light of the pandemic. Our installers wear masks, and ask that clients do so as well. We practice physical distancing from each other and from clients. We ask that a very limited number of people are present on job sites, and ask that windows and doors be kept open, when possible. Our staff members perform a health check, including temperature taking, each morning before coming to work.

Thank you for adhering to these quidelines, so that we can continue to provide a safe and secure experience for you and your artwork. Give us a call at 212.477.4319 or email to schedule your next project.