Pro Tips from New York’s Best Picture Hanging Service

ILevel founder David Kassel offers pro tips for picture hanging in New York Magazine this morning. While there are many times when you need the help of an expert to arrange and install your pictures, we know the DIY urge is strong right now. Many of us are still spending a lot of time at home, and completing DIY projects helps us feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Since we hang about 60,000 pictures in an average year, we are the go-to experts for picture hanging pro tips. You can glean ILevel’s gems of art installation wisdom from the Washington Post , the New York Times, and One King’s Lane. Today’s article in New York Magazine’s the Strategist includes pro tips and products to help you get the job done. Here’s a recap:

Lose the Fear: “Don’t be terrified of putting a nail hole in the wall. Most likely, there’s going to be a picture that will cover it. And you can always spackle the holes, with toothpaste if necessary!” So don’t worry about doing it wrong, just get started.

Use the Right Tools: You need the basics. A level, hammer, picture hooks, nails, a tape measure, and a pencil. Blue painter’s tape has a light adhesive that peels off without marking the walls.










Follow the Formula: I’m talking about the formula that ILevel uses for hanging pictures at the average person’s eye level. The formula is in the article and involves some math. Read about it here and check out this video of David demonstrating the formula with Martha Stewart! And by the way, when thinking about height, think about who will use the room the most. If it’s a kid’s bedroom, for instance, hang the art lower so they can see it.

David Kassel gives Martha Stewart his best tips for picture hanging.

Here’s a bonus pro tip to make clean up easier. Hold an envelope below where you’re hammering or drilling to catch the dust. You can use any envelope, or make your own using paper and tape.

paper envelope made to show pro tips for picture hanging










And if all this is way too much for you, we’ve got you. ILevel is open in all locations, and we’re more than happy to help you hang your artwork, family photos, decorative plates, and anything else that will make your house feel more like home. Give us a call at 212.477.4319 or email