New York’s Best Art Hanging Service Creates A Family Photo Wall

NYC Best Picture Hanging Service

As New York’s best art hanging service, ILevel hangs a lot of family photo walls, but none are quite like this one. All of the photo walls we create are well designed, and consider frame color, frame size, photo content, and style. Yet this wall is truly special. The photography on this wall spans three plus generations of the client’s family. A wedding photo provides the anchor at the center. The memories expand chronologically outward, with each side of the family represented on either side of the wall. Sort of like a visual family tree. We’ve installed this photo wall twice. The first time, the photos were in two sections. This time around, all 120 frames are on one wall.

ILevel designer/installer Scott Wilson created the layout with input from the client. The design and layout took a full day’s work, followed by another full day of installation time.

schematic of family photo wall created by NYC's best art hanging service
Scott’s layout

In 2019, Scott celebrated 20 years with ILevel. Beyond his vast experience, he’s perfectly suited for these kinds of projects because of his attention to detail, precision, and technical installation skills. He also works to ensure that clients are pleased beyond their expectations on every project. Like all ILevel team members, Scott is an artist. You can see his love of detail and precision in the work he creates, as shown below. To see more of Scott’s artwork, visit

“Clockwork Atomics x501” Scott Wilson

And if you need help taking your photos from your phone to your walls, or any other art installation projects, be sure to call ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email