Corporate Art Installation by Manhattan’s Best Art Hanger

As Manhattan’s best art hanger, we spend a lot of time in corporate offices. Prior to 2020, most employees did, too. That’s one reason why many companies have invested in art collections in recent years. A beautiful environment in which to work is a perk that improves employee satisfaction. Corporate art installation helps communicate a company’s values and personality. And a company’s philanthropic image is enhanced by supporting artists.

Here are four recent corporate art installation projects: a conference room, a lobby, a waiting area, and a hallway.

Art in the office communicates that creativity is valued and part of the organization’s culture. Most of us would agree that our many hours spent in conference rooms can get pretty dull. Colorful, interesting art, and a great looking salon style installation like the one below can enhance creative thinking. By offering something different to look at, art allows the mind to wander and make new connections, often leading to new ideas.

corporate art installation











The art a company chooses for its lobby acts as a beacon to employees and visitors. The artwork in the lobby below communicates that this business is creative, bold, and contemporary. ILevel frequently installs larger than life paintings and photographs in corporate lobbies. These projects often require many hands and the teamwork for which ILevel is known.

corporate art installation in lobby








We’ve all spent many hours in waiting rooms, whether it’s waiting for a meeting to begin, or for the doctor to see you. Those minutes can feel tedious. With appealing art on the wall, the minutes can tick by faster. I wouldn’t mind waiting in the room below. The large format photographs draw me in and encourage day dreaming, which makes the time pass more quickly. I’m more forgiving of a long wait time when I see that a business has taken the extra step to make the waiting area beautiful.











The office hallway can be a pretty dull place. White walls, fluorescent lights, metal furniture. The hallways below are the antithesis of that. The offset arrangement of the photos in the first picture feels dynamic and encourages employees to stop and linger. While doing so, people might exchange ideas or have a quick conversation that avoids a longer meeting. The vibrant prints arranged in a salon style have a similar effect.








Investing in an art collection has many benefits for companies. Hiring the right art installation firm ensures that your collection will be cared for properly. If you’re looking to enhance your work environment by adding artwork, get in touch!