Wall Art Trend: Rattan Mirrors

After a few years of hanging hundreds of metallic silver and gold sunburst mirrors–above beds, in powder rooms, as part of gallery walls–we’ve noticed a new trend in the popular shape: the natural look. The latest craze in sunburst mirrors is all about earthy fibers like rattan, bamboo, and wicker, which achieve a look that’s, quite literally, more down-to-earth.

Though rattan mirrors look lovely any way you hang them, they make an especially stylish impact when varying sizes and styles are grouped together, gallery-style. Here are a few of our favorite rattan mirror gallery walls we’ve seen recently.

1. Tory Burch’s Manhattan headquarters. We installed an array of small-sized rattan mirrors in the reception area in the Manhattan headquarters of designer Tory Burch, adding a beautiful, earthy balance to the glamorous mirrored desk and high-shine lacquered walls in the designer’s signature shade of orange.

In another shot from the same office, the mirrors prove equally striking against a black wall. Paired with bamboo seating and shades of pink, blue, and green, the overall look feels almost tropical.

2. A home office in Manhattan. A recent project we did called for installing rattan sunburst mirrors in another office space, but this time, it was in the home of one of our clients. The design approach was certainly different, but the mirrors work just as well. Here, paired with neutral hues and rustic elements, rattan feels stylish, but subtle.
rattan mirrors in a home office space
3. A modern living room. In this space, found in Marie Claire Maison, the arrangement of rattan mirrors mimics the wood tones used throughout the space, adding a natural, organic warmth to a high-contrast, minimalist room.
maire claire maison gallery wall
The best part about the trend is how easy it is to achieve. There’s no need to scour flea markets and eBay for your collection of mirrors: we’ve seen rattan mirrors sold in complete sets from retailed like Wayfair, One King’s Lane, and even Urban Outfitters.