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Now Trending: Ink Blot Wall Art

Just like all things home decor, wall art is subjected to trends each season. (Just think about all of the typography-inspired prints and marquee lights we’ve seen over the last few years!). While we don’t always love everything that’s considered to be the latest and greatest, there is one trend lately that has us captivated: Ink blot wall art. It’s an offshoot of the ink-blot trend that’s taken hold in other decorative elements like textiles and wallpaper recently, and also happens to be a perfect complement to many of the abstract geometric prints that are also en vogue at the moment.

An inkblot -print chair from ABC Home.

An inkblot -print chair from ABC Home.

Our affinity for the trend goes beyond looks, however: we love the substance behind the ink-blot prints as well. Of course, if you know anything about psychology, then you know that inkblots were actually developed in the 1960s by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, who used the random designs made by ink blots–and they way they were perceived–as a way to gauge the mental state of his patients. The method was eventually dubbed “The Rorschach Test.”

We’ve seen dozens of reproductions of these prints lately … but given their intended purpose, we maintain that there’s no substitute for (or better dinner party conversation starter) than original Rorschach inkblots. We were recently able to track down a one-of-a-kind set of 10 prints from 1948, and it’s currently for sale as part of our ILevel studio collection. The prints are already in handmade white archival shadow frames, and would make the perfect collection for an entertaining space like a living or dining area (like we said, it’s a great conversation starter!). If you love inkblot wall art as much as we do, the set is a must see!

original rorschach inkblot prints

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