Nursery Wall Art Trends

We’ve hung art in virtually any spot in the house you can think of, from the powder room, to the back of the door, to the master closet, so we can say  this with certainty: there are few rooms or spaces our clients mull over more than a nursery. Something about creating a space for a new baby makes it extra special, and no detail is too small to consider.

If you’re currently planning a nursery and are unsure where to start, we suggest wall art. It’s not only an inspiring jumping off point for nursery design, but a focal point in the room. Here are a few of the biggest nursery wall art trends we’ve seen over the last year.

nursery wall art trends
Baby animal prints in an ILevel client’s home

Baby animal prints.
It’s not hard to see the appeal here. Baby animal prints–from actual photographs to watercolors–are about as cute as wall art gets. Plus, they complement another big trend in nursery design–neutral colors–perfectly.
Image via LeSueur Interiors

Text sculpture
Another big trend we love: Quotes, names, and words sculpted with metal. This sign above, by artist Tara Conley and commissioned by Lesueure Interiors, is a fine art example but many mass retailers are creating similar styles.
Image via The Boo and The Boy
Image via The Boo and The Boy

Garlands and banners
Garlands and banners are fun as a stand-alone decoration above a crib (just be sure it’s high enough that your baby can’t grab it!), or hung in conjunction with other art. You’ll also find plenty of options to choose from, like pennant-style flags, pom-poms, or your child’s name.

While creating a beautiful nursery is fun and exciting, it’s also important to make sure you’re doing it safely. Check out our post on hanging wall art above the crib, or get in touch with ILevel to have our professionals securely hang the art in your child’s room.