NYC Art Installation Service Will Hang Kids’ Art

It’s summer camp time! Time for armloads of kids’ artwork to come home in tiny backpacks. As parents, we treasure our children’s artwork as precious keepsakes that reflect their growth and artistic development. What better way to showcase their talent than to hang kids’ art throughout your home? Here are expert tips to bring your little artists’ visions to life from NYC art installation service, ILevel.

Seek Professional Art Installation Services: Seeking the expertise of professional art installers can take your kids’ art display to the next level. We understand the nuances of properly hanging and lighting artwork, ensuring that each piece is showcased in the best possible way. We can guide you on spacing, secure mounting techniques, and offer creative hanging solutions that match your child’s creativity.

NYC art installers hang kids' art

Curate a Dedicated Gallery Space: One of the most effective ways to celebrate your child’s artwork is by dedicating a specific gallery space in your home. This could be a wall in the living room, a hallway, their bedroom or a playroom. When you hang kids’ art in a dedicated area, you give the artwork the attention it deserves while also encouraging your child’s creativity. Frame the pieces and add labels with their names to create the feel of a real art gallery.

Hang kids' art

Create a Theme or Storyline: To add interest to your display, consider organizing the artwork around a theme or storyline. For example, you could create a nature-themed gallery by selecting pieces featuring animals, plants, and landscapes. Or create a visual story by arranging the artwork chronologically, showcasing your child’s artistic progression over time.

Mix and Match Frames: Choosing the right frames enhances the overall aesthetic of your kids’ art display. Opt for frames that complement both the artwork and your home’s interior. Mixing and matching frame styles and colors can add a playful touch to the display. Experiment with various frame sizes and shapes to create an eye-catching arrangement. This is an opportunity to get creative and step away from traditional rectangular frames. Circular frames, unconventional shapes, or even shadow boxes can bring an exciting dimension to the exhibit.

Incorporate Flexible Display Solutions: Explore flexible display solutions that make it easy to rotate and update the artwork. Magnetic boards, clipboards, or wire systems with clips allow you to effortlessly change the displayed pieces as your child continues to create new masterpieces. The stick on wallpaper below allows kids to customize their own installations.

When you hang kids’ art in your home you celebrate your little one’s talent and nurture their creativity. Displaying kids’ art is a visual joy and a testament to the boundless imagination that children bring into our lives.