Upstairs with New York’s Best Picture Hanging Service

ILevel’s stairway art installations are dramatic and visually compelling. When installing in stairways there are numerous technical challenges like small spaces, curved walls, and landings of different heights. We’re left wondering, “How did they hang that?”

Here are three stairway art installations that each have their own story to tell.

Art hung up a stairway

Behold this dream staircase! The arrangement draws the eye to the largest portrait, then allows you to roam to the smaller frames taking it all in as you progress up the stairs. Unique, yet complimentary frames work perfectly together. And the gold frame theme is continued downstairs, as you can see in the far right corner. The ornate chandelier ties in with the frames and the pieces. The contrasting pattern of the stair carpet and the wallpaper creates further intrigue. Viewing from the first floor, your curiosity is piqued as the installation continues beyond your view.

colorful art installed in a stairwell

And now for something completely different, but just as gorgeous. These large, colorful landscape paintings create a bright, contemporary feeling in this staircase. These works would look great anywhere. Featured in a staircase, they really stand out. The installation mirrors the step progression, as one frame is hung a bit higher than its partner. These landscapes remind me of some other enchanting colorful landscapes painted by Per Adolfsen.

family photo wall in a staircase

Family photo walls look great as a stairway installation. Stairways lead to upper, more private floors of a home. There’s no better place to showcase family memories. The matching white frames with color photos create a contemporary look. This salon installation features frames positioned both vertically and horizontally to add variety and interest. Family photo walls are a specialty on ILevel’s menu of services.

If you need help with art installation either up the stairs or down, please contact us.