NYC Family Photo Wall Service

Family photo walls are a perfect way to preserve memories of everyday and special occasions, and to honor previous generations and individual family members. With ILevel’s NYC family photo wall service we’ll meet you at any phase of the process. Maybe your photos are stuck in your phone and you really want them on your wall. We’ll help you select the photos, choose sizes, frames and mat colors, print, and plan and execute the installation. Or maybe you’re somewhere along this path and are looking for a partner to jump in and assist.

We recently had the privilege of installing this full wall of personal photography in a New York City home. This wall features a mix of frame sizes, yet the consistent frame color and material, and white mats hold things together. Two oval frames add visual interest and break up the straight edges in an appealing way. This installation is a great example of where the art comes into art installation. Aligning these different sized and shaped frames up a stairwell is no simple feat. It takes the design sense and technical capabilities of a true family photo wall expert to make the finished product look this gorgeous.

NYC family photo wall service

















Here’s another family photo wall in the same home with empty frames awaiting photos. Three frame sizes in two different orientations per size create a clean, contemporary look. ILevel’s design sense takes center stage here. This wall has a cohesive feel yet the frame size and spacing between frames is inconsistent. How do they do that? Experience, expertise, an artist’s eye, and technical installation skills. Those are the qualities we bring to our family photo wall service.

NYC family photo wall service












The stairway installation has its own set of challenges. Using a ladder on a stairwell for one! The white frames on a white wall let these color images pop.

NYC family photo wall service



















Here are some other creative ways to bring personal photography into your home. You’ve got the photos on your phone, or maybe they’re printed and lying on your desk. The only thing standing between you and one of these gorgeous installations is a phone call. Reach out to ILevel for our NYC family photo wall service at 212.477.4319.