NYC’s Best Picture Hanging Service Installs Art Over Windows

As NYC’s best picture hanging service, ILevel frequently faces unique installation challenges. Sometimes our projects are straightforward grids on smooth, painted walls. And then there are days like these where we hang art over windows, interior glass walls, brick walls, and even over curtains.

We’ll share some trade secrets with you, and as usual, the photos say more than words ever could.

This is one of our favorite projects of all time, and one of the most beautiful projects we’ve ever completed. To hang art over glass or windows, we use a contemporary cable hanging system used by museums and galleries all over the world. The art hung over this full wall of windows helps to define the space, while allowing for abundant light and city views.

NYC's best picture hanging service installs art over windows













This salon arrangement is hung over an interior glass wall. Instead of a cable hanging system, we epoxied picture hooks to the glass. The curtain behind the glass obscures the hooks. The frames look as if they’re magically floating in space.

NYC's best picture hanging service installs art over windows













While much of our work is done in residential locations, we also work in retail settings like restaurants. Here we use the same technique as above to epoxy hooks to the mirrors. This is a nice example of the use of picture lights to highlight the pieces while maintaining the mood lighting in this restaurant.

NYC's best picture hanging service installs art over windows













This is another lovely example of art hung over a window. Where are the cables? Where is the epoxy? The picture frames are nestled snuggly in the doorframe and look as if they are being held in place. The partially clear frame lets in the greenery from outdoors.

Whether you’re facing a straightforward or extraordinary art hanging challenge, NYC’s best picture hanging service is here for it. Call us at 212.477.4319 or drop us a line at