The Most Amazing Gallery Wall Installed By Manhattan Art Hanger

ILevel recently installed this amazing gallery wall in a Manhattan apartment. Gallery walls are ILevel’s bread and butter. We’ve created literally hundreds of them over the years. They allow our core expertise to truly shine: all of our installers are artists, and bring their impeccable sense of design to every project. Why do we love this particular installation? Let me count the ways.

amazing gallery wall



















There are two styles of gallery walls, and endless riffs on each type. There’s the grid, and there’s the free form improvisational wall, represented here. Variety drives the appeal of this wall: there are drawings and paintings, landscapes and portraits, abstract and figurative pieces, large and small pieces, frames of all colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. There’s so much going on, and yet because of the beauty of each piece and intelligent installation, it all works together.

The Scale

This collection is large, and so is the wall. While you can create an amazing gallery wall out of any number of pieces in any type of space, it’s always a luxury to have this many pieces to work with and this much space in which to play.

The Surroundings

The room itself is stunning, with a full wall of windows, something most New Yorkers consider a luxury. The skylight provides natural illumination for all of the pieces, eliminating any need for picture lights. There’s also an interior glass wall which allows the installation to be seen from the second floor.

amazing gallery wall













This is a perfect example of the quintessential ILevel project. However, if you have a smaller collection and limited space, don’t despair. This New York Times article features ILevel’s founder David Kassel and others describing how to create great gallery walls in smaller spaces with fewer pieces.

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