ILevel Installs Art at Aman

Dutch artist Peter Gentenaar was commissioned by Italian design firm Kalpa to create a monumental sculpture for the new Aman hotel in New York City. ILevel installed most of the art at Aman NY, and the project culminated in the installation of Gentenaar’s impressive fiery floating sculpture.

ILevel installs art at Aman

The Process

The piece is composed of four separate sculptures. The pieces are made of paper pulp with long fiber and bamboo internal frames, and are seen as one large piece. Floaty and light, each piece weighs about five to ten pounds. Each section has a set number of hanging points that correspond to hooks installed in the ceiling. Twenty foot cables were attached to the ceiling to link the pieces together. “The trickiest aspect of the installation was placing each piece – we had one shot to get the ceiling hardware placed correctly,” said Jeff DiRaimo of ILevel. It was a team effort among five ILevel installers, some holding pieces in place, while others made adjustments. ILevel has installed many striking sculptures, and this is one of the most remarkable.

ILevel installs art at Aman

The Artist

Gentenaar was initially a print maker. He began making his own paper, and uses a beater of his own invention. Inspired by nature, he compares his paper to leaves. “A paper sheet is thin and strong, and, reinforced with very thin ribs of bamboo,” says Gentenaar. The sculptures engage with their surroundings, particularly the light and air in the environment.

Aman NY

The Aman brand is known for understated luxury, serenity, and exclusivity. Their properties are typically found in remote locations in Asia. The New York property is a combination of private residences (some of the most expensive real estate ever sold in the United States) and hotel accommodations. All guests have access to a jazz club, indoor pool, sauna, and spa. The hotel is located in the Crown Building on Billionaire’s Row across from Trump Tower in Manhattan. If you can gain access to this very exclusive property, head to the Bar Lounge to view this dramatic sculpture.

All images courtesy of KALPA.