Sculpture Installed by Manhattan Art Hanger

The talk around town is not only about ILevel’s family photo walls. As a Manhattan art hanger, we are also known for our expertise installing sculpture. These projects often require special skills, tools, and techniques as no two pieces are the same. Here’s a look at some of our recent sculpture installations.

Seven reflective metal pieces form this eye catching mirrored constellation. Reminiscent of Chicago’s Cloud Gate, aka the Bean, this piece is a perfect complement to the neutral sofa. We use D-rings and hooks to securely attach these pieces to the wall, similar to the way we hang paintings.















This free form white metal artwork demands to be the dramatic focal point of this room. With so many layers and angles, it’s thought provoking and a conversation starter. The technical difficulty increases with a piece like this, as it’s more complicated to handle and securely attach to a wall.

white sculpture

















We installed this piece in a retail window on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It took many skilled hands, precise measurements, and teamwork to suspend these floating rectangles within rectangles. A cable hanging system was used, similar to the method we use to hang frames over windows or glass.


















We built custom wall mounts for these carved wood figures. Each piece is also attached to the wall to ensure their safety in a high traffic area like a staircase.
















Hidden D-rings, cables, epoxy, heavy weight hooks. These are some of the special tools we use to install sculpture. Work of this kind also involves creative problem solving and technical skills as each piece that we encounter is different from the last.

Sculpture installation can be a perfect example of “don’t try this at home.” If you need professional help with your sculptural pieces, please reach out to us at 212.477.4319 or email