Project Spotlight: ILevel’s Art Hanging Tips for One King’s Lane

This is a really fun project to share. A few months ago, we were called upon by a client and wonderful interior designer, Elizabeth Pyne, to assist with hanging art for a story she was involved in for the home decor e-tailer (and one of our favorite decor resources!), One King’s Lane. The task at hand: Rearrange the art in the home of OKL writer and editor Cate La Farge Summers, and offer up some expert tips for hanging art in the process. Summers had taken nearly all of the art off of her walls, and wanted to put it back up in a thoughtful, collected way, a challenge we readily accepted.

Here’s a shot of ILevel founder David Kassel (Left) and Art Installer Chris Deo (Right) on location at Cate’s home in Brooklyn.

Cate had a quite a unique art assortment, including this collection of vintage magazine covers, which we planned to hang, gallery style, in a recessed archway in her home.  We arranged the frames on the floor first to ensure the overall collection was perfect before it was hung.
gallery wall arranging
Here’s a before shot of the archway and our working art arrangement. We always find it’s helpful to visualize when you arrange art in front of the wall it’s going on.
And here’s the finished product! It’s balanced, but not too precise or symmetrical, which suits Cate’s eclectic style perfectly. Our trick here: hanging each piece two inches from the one next to it, but only on one side. That way the look feels cohesive and thought out, yet playful at the same time.
art hanging tips - art in an archway
We also arranged artwork along the family’s staircase. It’s always a tricky spot for hanging art and our tip for getting it right is one that goes against most people’s natural thought process:  start at the center of the wall and work your way out.
Finally, we helped Cate showcase one of her most-prized art pieces: a portrait of her and her husband which hung above a mantle in the couple’s bedroom. Elizabeth had two of Cate’s Mexican tiles framed, which we hung on either side of the portrait.
art hanging tips from Ilevel and one king's lane
There’s a lot more detail about the shoot and art hanging tips from both ILevel and Elizabeth Pyne over on One King’s Lane, so take a peek and let us know what you think!

All images courtesy of One King’s Lane.