A Whimsical Girl’s Room Design

Children’s rooms are places of comfort and rest, but also of imagination and play. While it can be tough to decorate a space that perfectly encapsulates and promotes each of these uses, we recently worked on a bedroom design that did just that. This beautiful girl’s room design was soft and light, fun and restful all at once.
girl's room wall art - ILevel NYC
The foundation for the design was the beautiful mural of clouds and doves on the ceiling — the colors and sense of whimsy drove the feel for the rest of the space including the palette, textiles and decor. The remainder of the room was kept fairly neutral, with pastel accent hues, and a focus on texture instead of pattern, in order let the ceiling shine.

The wall art, which we installed above a daybed, added to the youthful feeling of the room. It was a mixture of all of the things the lucky occupant loved: books, and places, and animals, but it was all tied together with a common pastel color palette and suite of white-on-white gallery frames. The variety in frame size and the imperfect borders of the arrangement create a gallery that’s fun, not formal.

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