What to do With Old Family Photos

You know that box of family photos you have stowed away in a closet somewhere? The one you’ve been meaning to do something with for years now, but you’re just not sure what that “something” is? If you’re wondering what to do with old family photos, we’ve got a great idea.

At ILevel, one of our specialties is creating family photo gallery walls that are both beautiful, and worthy of your heritage and memories. Which means we don’t just hang the pictures up. We’ll help you sort through your old (or new!) family photos, choose the best ones (and the ones that will look best hanging together). Then, we’ll frame them (we offer an assortment of handmade or standard frames), and we’ll arrange and hang them in your home.

It’s a collaborative, easy and fun process that results in a beautiful display that you and your family will enjoy, whether you have 10 photos you want to hang, or 100. Below is an extensive gallery we created in the hallway of a client’s home.

what to do with old family photos 1

 what to do with old family photos 2

Not sure what to do with your old family photos? Give us a call to talk about the possibilities for a family photo gallery wall.