What to Hang Above a Fireplace

No matter what room of the house it’s in, a fireplace becomes the natural focal point of any space. Furniture is often oriented around it, and the mantle is typically one of the most prominent architectural details in a room. Thus, it’s important to carefully consider how you fill the space directly above a fireplace.

Here, a few of our favorite ideas for what to hang above a fireplace.

For a Large-Scale Fireplace:
A statement art piece, flanked by smaller works.
This example comes from a recent ILevel project, in which the client had one large work, and a variety of smaller-scale pieces to hang above the mantle. We centered the large piece, and arranged the smaller ones vertically beside it to fill out the space. This arrangement works especially well in a room with high ceilings, or a large fireplace.

what to hang over fireplace
Image by ILevel

For a Modern Fireplace:
Abstract art and mirrors. On the opposite end of the spectrum is this modern space, in which the ceilings are far lower, and the fireplace is small and sleek. Here, the art chosen fills out the space nicely, but mimics the streamlined aesthetic of the fireplace. The mirror adds an organic quality to the linear space.

what to hang above modern fireplace
Image by ILevel

For an Antique Fireplace:
A classic art arrangement. Complement the character of an antique fireplace with a gallery wall of vintage art and photographs. Here, the mix of oil paintings and black-and-white photography says “traditional” without feeling stiff or stuffy.

Image by ILevel
Image by ILevel

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