Elevate Your Lobby with NYC’s Best Art Installation Service

First impressions matter, especially in the corporate world. Displaying art in your company’s public spaces can elevate your lobby from a dull space that people pass through quickly to a showplace that communicates your core values.

The idea of companies owning and displaying art goes back at least to 1965, when the Seagram liquor company hosted an ancient Olmec sculpture. Now most companies understand the benefits of owning and displaying art for the public. And since many of these artworks are large and complicated installations, it’s critical to engage NYC’s best art installation service.

elevate your lobby with a sculpture

Benefits of Hanging Art in Your Lobby

Use Art as a Brand Ambassador: The lobby of your office serves as the gateway to your brand and identity. It’s the first space that greets your guests. As such, it should create a positive impression. With great art, you can elevate your lobby to the status of brand ambassador, a symbol of your organization’s values and culture.

Create an Inviting Ambiance: Whether your organization is cutting-edge or embraces a more traditional approach, art can play a crucial role in shaping the ambiance. Your choice of artwork can evoke different emotions and set the desired tone. ILevel, NYC’s best art installation service, can guide you in positioning art pieces to make visitors and employees feel welcome and energized.

Enhance Employee Well-being and Productivity: An engaging workspace has a positive impact on employee morale and productivity. Art has been proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. By hanging art in your lobby, you extend these benefits beyond the immediate workspace.

artwork being installed by NYC's best art installation service

Why Hire NYC’s Best Art Installation Service to Hang Your Lobby Art

Expertise in Art Placement: Hanging art in corporate lobbies requires meticulous planning and expertise. ILevel has the knowledge and experience to assess the space, consider lighting conditions, and determine the most suitable locations for artwork. Our expertise ensures that pieces are showcased in optimal ways.

Ensure Safety and Security: Art installations in public spaces demand special attention to safety and security. ILevel is equipped with the necessary tools and hardware to securely mount and protect artwork, taking into consideration factors like weight, size, and durability. Our expertise guarantees that your valuable art pieces are safely displayed and protected from accidental damage or theft.

Art has the power to elevate your lobby, creating a lasting impression on guests and employees alike. Investing in NYC’s best art installation service ensures that your art is displayed thoughtfully and securely.

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