Hang Art on Wallpaper with Expert Art Installers NYC

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to add personality to your space, and the right combination of art on wallpaper can be stunning. This decorating conundrum is a great opportunity to enlist the assistance of expert art installers. Here’s what we at ILevel consider when we hang art on wallpaper.

hang art on wallpaper

Assess the Wallpaper: First, we take a close look at your wallpaper. We consider its texture, pattern, and color. Smooth wallpapers are generally easier to work with, as they provide a flat surface for hanging art. However, textured wallpapers can add depth and visual interest to your display. We consider the colors and patterns of your wallpaper to determine how they will interact with your artwork. Ideally, the art and wallpaper will complement each other, creating a cohesive look.

Choose the Right Art: We help you carefully consider the art pieces you wish to display on wallpaper. Their size, weight, and style should complement the wallpaper’s pattern and colors. For instance, large, bold artwork can make a striking statement against a more subtle wallpaper, while smaller pieces can be grouped together for an eye-catching gallery wall effect.

Prepare the Wall: We start by making sure the wallpaper is clean. We remove any dirt or dust that may affect the adhesion of hardware.

hang art on wallpaper

Protect the Wallpaper: When hanging art, it’s crucial to protect your wallpaper from potential damage. We use protective pads or bumpers on the back of frames to create a cushion between the artwork and the wall. These pads not only help prevent damage to the wallpaper but also keep your art level and secure.

Flexibility and Experimentation: We’re not afraid to experiment with different arrangements and styles when we hang art on wallpaper. We embrace the opportunity to mix and match different art pieces and wallpaper patterns. It’s like mixing plaids and stripes in clothing – sometimes it works! The key is to strike a balance between the artwork and the wallpaper, allowing them to enhance each other rather than compete for attention. For some bold design ideas, check out an ILevel project that was featured in Lonny magazine.

Hanging art over wallpaper can create a unique and stunning look. Consult the experts at ILevel to ensure that your works are hung safely and securely, and that your wallpaper and artwork complement rather than compete!

Having said all of that, there are some wallpapers that we think of as art. While we’ve hung art over these designs, you may not need to!