Bold Design Idea: Hanging Pictures on Wallpaper

We don’t think we’re alone in saying that we love Lonny magazine. So we were incredibly excited when we received their e-mail newsletter last week and saw one of our projects right at the top!
hanging pictures on wallpaper
Of course, this wasn’t the first time the image had appeared in the magazine — it was part of a spread in Lonny back in 2011. But, the combination of bright colors, a bold print, and hanging pictures on wallpaper is still just as eye-catching today.

For this project, we worked with interior designers John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage, Inc. to create one of the most fun gallery walls we’ve ever done. (The wallpaper in this room was a custom print by Loecke and Nixon…beautiful!).

The gentlemen of Madcap Cottage are known for this sort of layered, colorful look, so we thought we’d share a few more photos from their portfolio…perhaps it will inspire you to make a bold design move in your own home?
madcap cottage hanging pictures on wallpaper 2
madcap cottage hanging pictures on wallpaper 3
madcap cottage hanging pictures on wallpaper
Thinking about creating this sort of look in your own home? Contact us, or get a quote to talk more about your ideas.