Hanging Art on a Door

In New York City space is always at a premium. No matter how large your apartment is by Manhattan standards, there’s still probably a good chance that you have to get creative with the way you store, use and display your stuff.

We encounter this need for creativity often with our clients who have large art collections. They love their art, but they can’t fit it all on their walls. So, we offer unique solutions for showcasing everything…including hanging art on a door. It may seem like an accident waiting to happen, but if you have a door that isn’t used constantly–it could be to a fire escape, or a storage closet, or even a set of decorative doors–it could be a good candidate for some art work.

hanging art on a door
Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

The key to hanging art on a moving part, of course, is to make sure it stays put. Here are two methods we use for hanging art on a door.

Method 1: The professional way

1. Attach two small “Z” clips to the door, where you want the art to be placed. This is what the brackets attached to the frame will hang from. Note: Be careful that the screws you use to attach the Z clips are not longer then the door is thick! You don’t want the screws to poke out the other side of the door.

2. Then use a security “T” screw to secure the bottom of the frame. This will ensure that the art doesn’t bounce around on the door when it’s opened and closed.

Method 2: The simple way

1. An easier method is to hang the art as you normally would, from two picture hooks on the “D” rings of the frame.

2. Then, use double- sided tape on the back of the frame along the bottom to prevent the frame from bouncing around every time the door is opened and closed.

Ta-da! Happy hanging.