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How to Hang a Tapestry or Quilt on a Wall Like a Professional

Art doesn’t always have to come in a frame. We’re firm believers that you should–and can–hang whatever you like on your walls. In fact, we’ve hung everything from captain’s wheels, to bicycle sculptures, to rows and rows of 3-D lifesavers (it’s true!) on the walls of our client’s homes.

One of the more common items we’re called in to hang though, are quilts and tapestries…textiles that create an almost mural-like effect in a room. Hanging these items can be tricky, because they can tear if their weight isn’t distributed evenly among the hanging points (especially with heavier fabrics and quilts). There are tapestry hangers out there, but we have a method all our own that we find works even better.

Here is our quick overview of how to hang a tapestry or quilt on a wall.

how to hang a tapestry

A tapestry hung in an ILevel client’s home in suburban New York.

1. Have 2-inch wide strip of Velcro sewn along the top back of the tapestry about 1/3-inch below the top edge.

2. Staple the Velcro mate to a 1/4-inch  thick  X 2-inch wide wood strip the length of the tapestry.

3. Screw through the Velcro and wood strip to attach it to the wall at the desired height.

4. Press tapestry and sewn Velcro to the strip on the wall.


This method also makes it easier to remove the tapestry for ironing or cleaning purposes, too.

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