Hanging 3D art on the Upper East Side

We love projects that present a challenge. They keep us on our toes and force us to think creatively. We recently had one such project, when a client on the upper east side wanted to hang a series of statuettes on a wall above a staircase.

To complete the project successfully, we had to keep a few things in mind. One, how to arrange the art in a beautiful way that really showed off its uniqueness. And two, how to keep the valuable pieces safe and secure on the wall.

Our solution was to design custom wall wedges for the pieces to rest on individually: they’re solid enough to keep the statues in place, but sleek enough that they don’t interfere visually with the arrangement. We secured each wedge to the wall, and mounted the statuettes on top. Here’s what the ends result looked like:

custom art hanging - hanging 3d art

custom art hanging -hanging 3d art

custom art hanging 4 - hanging 3d art

custom art hanging 3

custom art hanging 2

Like we said earlier, we love a challenge! If you have a piece of 3D art you’d like to hang, a gallery wall to install, or fine art to arrange, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.