Hanging Art Up the Stairs with NYC’s Best Professional Art Installation Service

Staircase walls provide a great place to hang art. They can offer a quiet place to stop, look closely, and ponder your pieces. They make for dramatic, multi-level art displays that can span several floors. Unique viewing spaces come with unique challenges. ILevel offers some helpful tips should you decide to try this difficult task at home. Of all art installation projects, hanging art up the stairs is a perfect time to call ILevel, NYC’s best professional art installation service.

Here are some examples of ILevel’s recent stairway installations. The ILevel men are flexing their technical installation skills, dealing with multiple angles and stair heights all while handling the artwork carefully and creating beautiful layouts.

to show professional art installers hanging art on a staircaseto show art beautifully hung on a staircase

Ladders and scaffolds are often necessary when hanging art up the stairs. We built a ladder platform for this complicated installation. Teamwork is key to ensure that projects are completed perfectly and our installers stay safe.

Family photos are one of the most popular subjects to hang up the stairs. You can wander up to bed reliving your favorite memories.

Many colorful, unframed snapshots hanging in an arrangement up a stairway

These small, unframed color snapshots draw the viewer in to this family’s stories.

A family photo gallery wall hanging in a stairway in beautiful home

More wonderful family photo drama!

Art work hung up the stairs

This installation cleverly leads the viewer around a corner.

To hang your art up the stairs you can read and follow the steps in this complicated wikihow article, or you can call the professionals at ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email We’ll create a custom, secure, artful installation, and make the process a pleasure.