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Wall Art Inspiration: The Statement Art Piece

After years of  gallery walls being the on-trend way to arrange art, we’ve recently started to see more and more of our clients take the opposite approach. Instead of filling up a wall with a dozen smaller art pieces, they’ve opted instead for one oversized, grand-scale work. 

While we’re still big fans of the gallery wall, the statement piece feels fresh and new, and works perfectly for certain spaces. If you’re considering swapping out multiple pieces for one large one, or have a blank space you need to fill, let these recent photos from our client installations serve as an inspiring guide. 

1. The monster piece. This work, hung above a sofa in the living room of a Manhattan apartment, is a statement piece in the most exaggerated sense. It steals the show in the room, and breaks the conventional rules that dictate art must be three-quarters the length of the sofa, but in the very best way. The result is simply stunning. 

statement wall art 3

2. The floor-to-ceiling art. Here, a client installed a room screen on the wall in a hallway, transforming a boring white space into a veritable art gallery. 

statement wall art hallway

3. The in-between piece. The final statement piece is a slightly scaled down approach to the statement piece (if only compared to the above two examples) but still creates a singular focal point for the room. 

statement wall art over bed

Need help hanging a statement art piece? Get in touch with us at info@ilevel.biz. 



Change the Look of Your Room With a Statement Art Piece

When choosing art for your home, there are an overwhelming number of options. Color or black-and-white? Large or small? Abstract or realist? Photography or paint? One of the most common dilemmas is the decision to choose a variety of smaller pieces for your room, or instead opt for one large, statement-making work of art. 

While we’re fans of both choices, the statement art piece can set the tone for and add a focal point to a room like little else can. Here’s a look at some recent ILevel projects in which a singular art piece was all that was needed. 

Large wall art

A large black-and-white piece anchors a sofa in a living room. 

statement art piece example

This sizable photo is a perfect example of a statement art piece. 


This picture definitely makes a statement–it’s loud, it’s bright and it’s big. This piece, which hangs in the Manhattan apartment of interior designer Jamie Drake, was installed by ILevel and featured in Architectural Digest.