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How to Hang Instruments on a Wall

Hanging instruments on the wall can be a practical storage solution, a unique take on wall art, or both at once. There are a number of ways to hang instruments on a wall depending on their purpose. Here’s an overview of the most common solutions, from ILevel’s expert staff.

Before you hang your instruments on the wall, it’s wise to first ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they need to be accessible for use?
  • Are they valuable collectibles?
  • Are they primarily decorative?

If your instruments need to be accessible, then the layout needs to look good, but also allow you to easily remove one or more instruments at the same time without affecting the others. Valuable instruments or collectibles means that the hardware shouldn’t be able to damage the surface or integrity of the instrument.

How to Hang Instruments on a Wall When They’re for Playing

Guitars are probably the most common instrument our clients ask us to hang, as many guitarists have multiple guitars for different sounds and need them all to be easily accessible. In these cases, the best option is to hang guitars with commercially available guitar brackets like the ones pictured below. They are available with padded, flexible arms that can be adjusted to different shaped instruments. This type of bracket is also available for brass instruments, string instruments, etc.

hanging instruments on a wall

Hanging Collectible Instruments on a Wall

Collectible instruments (not for playing) are often framed before hanging, which protect them from damage and reduces the need for cleaning, like the autographed Coldplay guitar below.

For oddly shaped antique instruments, tribal instruments, and the like, custom wall-mount armatures or tabletop display stands can be made, or they can also be framed, or displayed in an acrylic pedestal vitrine as they would in a museum.

For both methods of hanging instruments on the wall, the tools required are fairly standard.

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Blue tape
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Paint markers or wall paint to change the color of any unsightly hardware

For more help with hanging instruments or any other sort of art or objects, get in touch with us at info@ilevel.biz. 


Should Wall Art and Color Scheme Match?

One of the most common questions we get from our clients at ILevel is whether the wall art and color scheme of their home should match. Our answer, of course, depends on the specific home and client we’re working with. Can your wall art match your color scheme? Of course it can. But does it have to? In general, our advice is no, your wall art doesn’t need to be the same colors as your sofa, area rug, and drapery to still be a beautiful and fitting addition to your space.

A better way to choose wall art is to look for pieces that will complement the overall design of the home, but not necessarily “match” exactly — because sometimes, even though your entire home might be black, white, and gray, a pop of colorful wall art can truly make the space. Or, in a traditional home, a bold, geometric painting in an au-courant color palette may bring a whole new depth and sense of currency to your space.

Here are a few great examples that prove your art collection doesn’t need to change every time your paint color or decor does.

In a perfectly-coordinated room, a seemingly out-of-nowhere art piece can add a perfect amount of tension and interest.

This room, below, primarily features neutral and wood tones. The colorful wall art takes what would be a nice, but maybe slightly boring space, and elevates it into “wow” territory. The juxtaposition works because the abstract painting complements the modern style of the room.

neutral room bright art

Image via leahbartholemew.net

Similarly, the yellow work adds a literal bright spot in a gray and white space.

West elm - wall art match color scheme

Image via West Elm

Finally, the photo below shows that wall art doesn’t even have to match the surrounding pieces in order to feel complementary and intentional.

Caitlin wilson textiles - wall art match color scheme

The bottom line: Collect away, and then arrange (and rearrange) your pieces in your space until you have a display that feels balanced and thoughtful, regardless of the color.

For more help arranging your wall art, get in touch with ILevel at info@ilevel.biz, or visit our New York City studio at 37 E. 7th Street.


Holiday Wall Art Ideas For Above the Fireplace

In the winter, and especially during the holidays, the fireplace becomes a natural gathering spot during quiet family evenings and large seasonal get-togethers alike. Is your fireplace up to the challenge of being the focal point of your room? If not, try these wall art ideas for above the fireplace to beautify the space and make it a spot worth gathering around.

Try a dramatic mirror. A large mirror is among the most dazzling ways to decorate above the fireplace because it will bounce light around the room, instantly giving your space a bright, luminescent quality (perfect for entertaining!). To make the look even more of a style statement, opt for a mirror with an ornate or decorative frame.

wall art above the fireplace - lonny mag

Image via Lonny

Image via Better Decorating Bible

Image via Better Decorating Bible

Get festive. Try layering a mirror, or even existing art pieces, with a wreath, a bow, or a garland. (Just make sure you do this only if your art is in a glass frame!) Or, simply replace the art you currently have above the fireplace with an extra-large wreath.

holiday mantle ideas -sheknows

Image via SheKnows

Image via blog.homedepot.com

Image via blog.homedepot.com

Rearrange the art you already have. There’s no need to go out and purchase a new piece to impress your guests. Instead, consider rearranging the art you already have in your home so that your best pieces are front and center, perhaps bringing a favorite work down from your bedroom or one of the “private” spaces in your home. You may even love the look so much you keep it that way all year round.


Image via cazandomoscas.com

holiday wall art - apartment lifestyle

Image via Apartment Lifestyle