Recent Art Installations: A Tilted Mirror, A Bathroom Gallery Wall & Art Above the Bed

We’re lucky in that, in our line of work, no two days have literally ever been quite the same. Sure, most days involve hanging and arranging art, but one day, we may be installing fine art in a Manhattan apartment, the next, we might be out in the Hamptons hanging a family photo wall or down in Chelsea setting up an art gallery installation. Here are a few photos from some of our favorite recent art installations in New York.

A tilted mirror above a fireplace.
hang a tilted mirror
We love when work takes us outside of the city to a historic home in the suburbs, as was the case for this antique mirror hanging project. The mirror was ever so slightly too large for the space, so we installed it at a tilt to allow it to fit, which also creates a unique focal point for the room and helps bounce light around the room.
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Art above the bed.
new york art installer
The space above the bed is one of the more common places we hang art for our clients, but this project was unique in that the client was using their four-poster bed as a frame of sorts. We hung three complementary pieces within the “frame” and a set of four prints above the top rail.
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A gallery wall in the bathroom.

This last project involved hanging a gallery wall in a unique arrangement that lead the eye up the wall and made the most of the extra-high ceilings in a suburban bathroom. We loved the individuality of the project — the bathroom venue for the gallery wall, vintage art prints, and the shape of the arrangement were all quite unique.
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