We love when a trend gives us a new way to hang art. It fuels creativity and gives us a new perspective on our work. One of the big trends a lot of clients have been asking for is to have wall shelves installed to hold their art…. Read More.

Though most of our work consists of hanging photos, art, tapestries and mirrors, we’re also called upon by our clients to hang other items on their walls. From taxidermy, to ships’ wheels, to sculptures, we’ve hung it all. But one of the more common items we’re asked to hang are decorative plates…. Read More.

One of the things we love most about our work is that no two days are alike. Sure, most days involve hanging things on walls, but those “things” are always different, as is the locale where they’re hung. To prove just how diverse our work can be, here’s a quick look at seven of our most recent projects…. Read More.