This week, we completed a fascinating project for one of our longtime clients, the Ricco Maresca Gallery in Chelsea. The exhibit we installed, called I.D. Photo Badge Portraiture, consisted of 250 workers’ photo badges from the 1930s through the 1950s, hung side-by-side around the gallery…. Read More.

At ILevel, we consider art to be not just a job but a passion. It’s not uncommon to find the ILevel team perusing the art galleries, museums and exhibits of New York City during our time off…. Read More.

In the art world, Ann Fensterstock’s opinion is a respected one. Among her credentials: She holds an M.A. in contemporary art from NYU, she spent ten years on the acquisitions committee at the Museum of Modern Art, and she currently serves as as a member of the museum’s Contemporary Arts Council…. Read More.