Thanks to the abundance of interior inspiration out there (we credit Pinterest, bloggers, and our favorite design magazines), it seems like more and more people are willing to take design risks and go bold with their homes. We’ve seen our fair share of creative, original, and utterly eye-catching ideas for wall art from our clients recently, so we wanted to throw them into the Internet inspiration pool, in the hopes they might spark a great idea…. Read More.

As much as we both love and appreciate fine art, we’re also firm believers that what you hang on your walls doesn’t have to be expensive or have historical significance to be beautiful. As many of our clients have proven to us over the years, sometimes, the most elegant, creative, stylish wall decor is made up of flea-market finds, pieces found on Craigslist, family photos, and even art by the kids. … Read More.

After a few decades spent sentenced as a decorating faux pax and the stamp of a dated home, wallpaper has made a comeback in a big way over the last few years…. Read More.