One of our favorite decor trends of the moment is the layered art look. Mixing pieces leaned up against the wall with pieces hanging on it, or bookcases arranged with art both atop the shelves and hanging off of them. Layering art is a beautiful way to showcase a variety of smaller works (it’s a great substitution for a gallery wall!), highlight contrast between different pieces, and add a unique and different aspect to your decor. … Read More.

As far as recent wall art trends go, the only one that seems to be able to come close to the popularity of the gallery wall is typography. We see it everywhere, constantly, whether it’s a Subway sign, a favorite quote, or a single monogram letter. In general, we like the trend. While there are a lot of bad fonts out there, if typography is done right, it can look stylish and feel fresh.  … Read More.

A few weeks ago, we worked with a client on a very unique project, based on an idea that we’ve seen growing in popularity lately: Creating a gallery wall using empty frames…. Read More.