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Our Favorite Family Photo Walls

Family photo walls are one of our favorite projects to work on (and they also happen to be something we specialize in). We love helping families curate a daily reminder of their favorite memories, while also creating a beautiful display. Throughout the years we’ve built family photo walls in all sorts of styles, from colorful and casual, to tightly curated and gallery-like. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your family photo wall, take a cue from some of our favorite projects from the past. 

A breakfast nook doesn’t get much more cheerful than a bright orange banquette and the shining faces of your family through the years.

family photo walls

Here, a selection of black and white photography in black and white frames creates an elegant display on a staircase. 

family photo walls  

This client turned a hallway into a gallery of family history. The photos, in both color and black and white, are given a cohesive feel with matching white frames. 

This arrangement is similar to the one above, but mats were added for a fine-art feel. 

family photo walls  

One of our favorite ways to add personality and fun to family photo walls? Include children’s artwork in the mix, like in this gallery below. 

 family photo walls

For a sleek and modern style, this client chose to hang black and white photography against a black wall. 

family photo walls

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Fresh Ideas for a Family Photo Wall

One of our favorite projects here at ILevel is creating family photo walls. It’s always fun to sit down with our clients and sort through their photo archives, looking for the best snapshots to display, and then creating something beautiful from them. The family photo wall is also one of our most popular projects, but it’s rare that we end up with two walls that are alike. It seems like everyone has a different take on the events and memories they want to share, and we’re always surprised by how well the family photo wall can fit into virtually any decor scheme or style of home. 

Take, for example, this collection of pictures we recently hung in a West Village apartment in Manhattan. The wall is full of vintage photos–from baby pictures to military portraits and wedding days–from extended family. The overall effect is very vintage, perfect for an industrial home, or one full of antiques. 

A family photo wall in the West Village, New York City.

A family photo wall in the West Village, New York City.

This second  example is an arrangement of current family photos done in a more contemporary style apartment in New York. The homeowner wanted the wall to not only showcase happy memories, but act as a decorative element in the home. So, all of the mats were done in a coral color, to cement the color scheme in the home, and to help the photos pop off of the dark navy wall.

photo 6

This final example is the most “polished” of the three, for lack of a better word, in that each of the portraits is a professionally taken image, and they all share a very clean feel.

image copy 

Want to create a family photo wall of  your own? Get in touch and we’ll talk about your project!


ILevel Recent Projects: A Modern Family Photo Arrangement, A Color-Blocked Gallery Wall, and More

The creativity of our clients never ceases to amaze us. Which makes our job really fun: we never know what will wow us next. Take, for example, three recent art installation projects we completed. 

1. The first was in a very modern, industrial-style home. The family wanted to create a gallery wall of their photos leading up the staircase, which is a feature point of the home. The wall can be seen from both the upper level, and the lower one, so we wanted to make sure we created something they’d love looking at. Here’s a peek at the final result. 

family photo wall

family photo wall3

family photo wall2

2. This second project was definitely a creative one, and an arrangement we had never quite seen before. The homeowner had framed various sheets of colored paper, and wanted them turned into a color-blocked-style gallery wall. The result was stunning. 


3. Besides our residential clients, we also often work with art galleries and museums, to hang and arrange their exhibits. (It’s a great way to get up close an personal with art!) The below installation was just completed at the Galerie St.Etienne on W 57th Street in New York. They specialize in Austrian and German artists, as well as outsider and self-taught art. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 6.54.31 AM

galerie st etiene

Dreaming up a family photo arrangement, gallery wall, or exhibit of your own? We can help! Contact us here