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It’s Family Photo Wall Season

In about a month, you may feel completely overwhelmed by the 3,000 photos you’ve taken of your kids, your family reunion, that weekend at the beach. You might wish for help selecting and displaying the best of these photos on your walls so that you can remember and relive the fleeting moments of summer.

That’s where ILevel can lend a hand. You can come to us at any stage of the family photo wall creation process. We’ll help you select, size, print, frame, and of course, install your pictures to create a gorgeous wall of personal photography. Just like these happy clients.

Wall of Frame: All black frames, all color photos, sisters, family vacations, this extensive wall holds together beautifully down this long hallway.


Brady Bunch Grid

A bright yellow accent wall, unframed color puppy portraits in a precise Brady Bunch grid, balanced by a more fluid arrangement. Absolutely pawerful!


Contemporary Classic: A mix of black and white and color photos in gold frames. The contemporary wallpaper jazzes up this classic display.











Under and Over the Rail: The picture rail becomes a design element in this clean, modern arrangement. 












Space to Breathe: The space between these carefully selected photos allows you to consider each frame. And the seemingly random arrangement (though it’s always by design) brings intrigue to this stairway corner.















Room To Grow: This diamond shaped arrangement can be easily added to as this young family grows. 











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Project Spotlight: A Family Photo Gallery Wall in a New York Townhome

Feeling inspired to create or add to your own family photo wall? Call ILevel at 212.477.4319 at any stage of the process.



Project Spotlight: A Family Photo Gallery Wall in a New York Townhome

Creating family photo gallery walls is one of our signature services at ILevel. We love walking our clients through the process of choosing the best images from their archives (or even the photos on their phone), having the photos printed and/or framed, and arranging the gallery in a way that it not only a beautiful addition to their home but tells a story of their family.

This next project is probably among the largest family photo walls we’ve ever created (and represents only a fraction of the photos the client had to choose from). We ended up going through a few iterations of the photo selection before we settled on the final number based on the available space on the wall, a long hallway. To add variety to the arrangement, we also went through the photos and chose a size for each one, then had everything framed accordingly. 

Here’s a look at how the photos came in from the framer. It was quite an unpacking job. 


After we unwrapped all of the photos, we began laying them out on the floor in order to find the best arrangement. 


And then started hanging them on the wall. While we didn’t want the gallery wall to be perfectly symmetrical, we did want it to feel balanced, something we find is best achieved if you start at the middle of the wall. 


In the foreground, you can see our most crucial piece of equipment for gallery wall projects: The level. 


Finally, a finished look at the wall, which contained nearly 50 framed family pictures.


So much better than a simple photo album, right? 

Get in touch with ILevel to discuss you family photo gallery wall project at info@ilevel.biz, or stop by our downtown studio at 37 E. 7th Street, New York. 


Fresh Ideas for a Family Photo Wall

One of our favorite projects here at ILevel is creating family photo walls. It’s always fun to sit down with our clients and sort through their photo archives, looking for the best snapshots to display, and then creating something beautiful from them. The family photo wall is also one of our most popular projects, but it’s rare that we end up with two walls that are alike. It seems like everyone has a different take on the events and memories they want to share, and we’re always surprised by how well the family photo wall can fit into virtually any decor scheme or style of home. 

Take, for example, this collection of pictures we recently hung in a West Village apartment in Manhattan. The wall is full of vintage photos–from baby pictures to military portraits and wedding days–from extended family. The overall effect is very vintage, perfect for an industrial home, or one full of antiques. 

A family photo wall in the West Village, New York City.

A family photo wall in the West Village, New York City.

This second  example is an arrangement of current family photos done in a more contemporary style apartment in New York. The homeowner wanted the wall to not only showcase happy memories, but act as a decorative element in the home. So, all of the mats were done in a coral color, to cement the color scheme in the home, and to help the photos pop off of the dark navy wall.

photo 6

This final example is the most “polished” of the three, for lack of a better word, in that each of the portraits is a professionally taken image, and they all share a very clean feel.

image copy 

Want to create a family photo wall of  your own? Get in touch and we’ll talk about your project!