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ILevel Creates Family Photo Walls in NYC

Many of ILevel’s clients have just returned from fabulous holiday trips and family gatherings, and their phones are full of precious photographic memories. Our staff of professional picture hangers has been hard at work helping clients create gorgeous family photo walls showcasing these holiday treasures. Here’s a peek at three family photo salon walls designed by ILevel for clients in New York City.

Select and Size

Overwhelmed by the awesomeness of all of your photos? We can help you select the best shots, and choose proper sizes. For this client, ILevel created a multi-story photo wall across two floors and up the stairs.

a group of family photos arranged on a wall around a staircase with a wrap around banister
















Print and Frame

Once you’ve selected your photos, we can take care of the printing and framing. This wall is held together with black frames, and the variety of frame sizes and shapes creates interest.

A variety of sizes of rectangular and square black frames with family photos arranged on a wall.












Arrange and Install

You could try this at home, but it’s not as simple as it looks. ILevel’s professional picture hangers specialize in creating beautiful arrangements and will install them safely on your walls.

10 framed photographs arranged over a bunch












The longer you wait, the more likely your photos will stay in your phone and not make it to your walls! Call 212.477.4319 or email info@ilevel.biz to get started on your family photo wall with ILevel.



Decorating a Poised Taupe Wall

September marks the start of what we call “color season.” From early fall through the end of the year, the color authorities that be begin to release their colors of the year, or the hues they believe will be the hottest for the upcoming year. Among the first to announce their top pick is paint manufacturer Sherwin Williams. This year, they announced Poised Taupe as their top pick. It’s a pale, earthy, mink-like shade of taupe that Sherwin Williams deems “classic” and “modern” at once. While the pick may seem safe (not unlike Benjamin Moore’s designated hue last year, Simple White), it’s actually a bit of a departure from recent neutral paint trends, which have largely revolved around cool-toned gray. It’s a change we’re happy to see, after years spent hanging art on walls painted in variations of colors like”charcoal,” “smoke,” “cloud,” and “silver.” While taupe can still read gray in certain light, it’s definitely a warmed-up take that’s heading back in a brown, earth-tone direction.

Being that it’s a neutral shade, Poised Taupe will go with many styles and colors of wall art, but not everything. According to Sherwin Williams, cornflower hues, nature-inspired palettes, vintage-y pastels, shades of wine red, and contrasting brights like yellow are the most complementary.

We perused Pinterest for the best examples of wall art done right on Poised Taupe walls (or at least shades that are similar), and here’s what we found.

Keeping the wall art neutral, but high-contrast creates a bold but polished look in this living room.


Image via Traditional Home

We love how the gold warms up the color.

rosa-beltran-poised taupe wall

Image via Rosa Beltran Design

Poised Taupe makes a lovely backdrop for a collection of vintage-style art and prints.


Image via pahmah.com

Here, a bright shade of blue is a beautiful complement.


Image via Decoist

How lovely does a greige shade look against bright white? The yellow in the abstract painting below adds just the right amount of color.


Image via Elizabeth Biller

Another example of a neutral palette, this time made with antique plates.


Image via Driven by Decor

We love the variations of beige, brown and white found in the beautiful impressionist style painting hanging over this mantle.


Image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

A gorgeous collection of artwork in muted hues feels like a natural choice.


Image via The Paris Apartment

And finally, a simple white arrangement has French-county appeal.


Image via Adventures in Decorating

Which is your favorite version of the look?


Refresh Your Home for the New Year with Wall Art

Instead of choosing a typical, hard to stick-to New Year’s resolution for 2016–losing weight, getting fit, earning more money–we’d like to suggest something a little more fun, and with potential to impact your life every bit as positively as your self-improvement goals: making your home a true reflection of you, and a place you love to spend time. Not only will having a beautiful home boost your mood on a daily basis, it might even help you save money (a great New Year’s goal!), since you won’t be dying to leave your dated, ugly space all the time.

According to Feng Shui, one statement piece is better than a gallery wall. Image via One King's Lane.

According to Feng Shui, one statement piece is better than a gallery wall. Image via One King’s Lane.

If you’re on board, consider your first step re-evaluating the wall art your currently have hanging up, and then putting the below tips to the test.

Vow to eliminate bare walls. Bare walls are for hospital rooms and asylums, and they’ll give your home a similar institutional feel that’s anything but warm and welcoming. If you’ve been procrastinating because you can’t figure out how to hang your art, hire some help. Or, if expenses are the case, take to Pinterest, where you’ll find thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of DIY wall art on the cheap.

Consider a Feng Shui overhaul. If your walls are currently occupied with paintings, photos, and mirrors galore but something still feels off, try re-arranging them according to the principles of Feng Shui. For example: the wall art in each space should reflect its usage. Which means your energetic, brightly colored works might be better suited for entertaining spaces, while soft, soothing pieces will work perfectly in the bedroom. Another idea: try cleaning up your gallery walls. Feng shui considers clutter a no-no and balance to be key, so rearrange your art so that there’s an equal ratio of art to wall space.

Make room for what you love. Just because you bought a piece of art at some point in your life doesn’t mean you have to hang it. The only things on your walls should be things you truly love to look at, and that are a reflection of your style and the style of your decor. If you’re over a piece you have hanging up, give yourself permission to toss it, sell it, or replace it with something else. Life’s too short for ugly art!