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Why We Still Love Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are the home decor trend that keeps on giving. While we’ve been hanging art gallery-style since we opened ILevel, it became a major trend six or seven years ago and a good portion of our work became installing arrangements of 5-10 smaller pieces instead of hanging a singular large piece or a diptych or triptych. Since then, the popularity of gallery walls hasn’t waned a bit, and that’s OK with us. Here’s why we still love gallery walls (illustrated with photos of gallery walls we’ve hung just in the last few weeks!). 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re personal. 

While a singular piece of art can certainly be personal, a gallery wall can almost become a collage of stories. Maybe there’s a piece you found on a trip to Paris hanging next to a flea-market find and a doodle drawn by your kids. Or maybe you collect black and white photography and can display your entire collection together at once. Plus, besides just the art you choose, you can also tailor the layout itself to your style, whether it’s classic and symmetrical, or abstract and eclectic. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re dynamic. 

With a gallery wall, you have the option to change out your art as you feel like it. If a certain piece no longer speaks to you, you can simply swap it out for something you like more. You can also add to it as you bring new works into your collection. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re easy. 

If you have an expanse of wall that needs some art, no matter how small or large or narrow, you can almost certainly find a gallery wall arrangement that will work for it, and pretty easily at that. The search for a singular, large piece of art to perfectly fit that same space, however, might takes months (or longer) to track down. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

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Expert Advice: How to Arrange a Gallery Wall

ilevel-arrange a gallery wall

Our art installers handle dozens of projects each month — ranging from hanging heavy mirrors in a residential home, to installing an entire collection for an art gallery. They’ve hung it all, and we like to think they’re the most knowledgeable team in New York City. 

So, we recently rounded up our staff to ask them for their take on one of the most common questions we get asked: “How do I Arrange a Gallery Wall.” Here’s their best advice. 

1. ” With a gallery-wall arrangement, obviously, larger pieces will be more immediately eye catching, and I think it’s risky to distribute these evenly across a wall or a room, though of course it’s tempting to do so! I think it is OK to have more visual weight in one area of an installation as compared to other parts. In fact, that might allow the smaller pieces more room to breathe and grant them more authority.”

-David Stern

2. “Arrange the art so that the visual weight compliments your interests. For example, balance and calm, or a little off balance and edgy are a couple conceptual starting points. Diversify the frame colors (within a spectrum of complementary colors and materials to achieve a eclectic, collected feel) or match them and create a very uniform concept. In either case modulate the scale and sizes of images and frames, as well as matte sizes.”

-Chris Deo

3.”Use a template for the placement of the art. That could mean taping out each piece’s placement on the wall with blue painters tape. You could also draw out the placement on a large piece of paper to scale, then tape that large piece up on the wall where the frames would go. If there is room on the floor you can arrange the layout, then either photograph it, or draw it out, noting the measurements between frames. I find this the most helpful.

-Jeff Deraimo


5 Stylish Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas

Stairways are a great piece of wall art real estate, and it’s our opinion that no stairway should go undecorated. The idea is becoming a trend too: we’re not only seeing a ton of images of these projects on places like Houzz and Pinterest, but our clients are requesting them more often, too. There are a number of great ways to go about creating a beautiful stairway gallery wall, but here are a few of our favorites to get you inspired.

1. First, we’ll start off with a project of our own. ILevel created this gallery wall in the home of a client by combining a variety of family photos and art. We kept it cohesive by using frames with similar looks and matting. The project was featured in Martha Stewart Living. 

stairway gallery wall by Ilevel inc

2. Stairway art doesn’t have to be gallery-style. We also love how this singular piece pops on an otherwise blank white wall.

Foyer Curved Staircase Wall Art-amdolcevita1

Photo via amdolcevita.com

3. This version picks up the color of the carpet runner to create a bold look. 

Staircase gallery wall

Photo via drivenbydecor.com

4. Colorful art in a variety of styles gives this gallery wall an eclectic, collected feel. 

Photo via lonny.com

Photo via lonny.com

5. If you’ve got a split staircase, creating a gallery wall on the landing is another good idea. We love the way the symmetry of this arrangement picks up the clean, architectural lines of the staircase and banister. 

Photo via redesigningsarah.com

Photo via redesigningsarah.com

Need help creating your own staircase gallery wall? Get in touch at info@ilevel.biz.