After hanging art in New York City for more than two decades, we thought we’d seen it all. But a recent article in the Village Voice proved us wrong. The post was about a new art company, called Wall-(m)Art…. Read More.

Summer officially starts tomorrow! While it’s true that New York City can be a bit of a ghost town (relatively speaking) on the weekends during the warmer months, when its residents flee to the beaches of Long Island or their cabins upstate, staying in the city for a summer weekend can offer a lot of fun, too. One of our favorite activities around the city in the summer is touring its many public art installation al fresco. … Read More.

In the art world, Ann Fensterstock’s opinion is a respected one. Among her credentials: She holds an M.A. in contemporary art from NYU, she spent ten years on the acquisitions committee at the Museum of Modern Art, and she currently serves as as a member of the museum’s Contemporary Arts Council…. Read More.