After hanging art in New York City for more than two decades, we thought we’d seen it all. But a recent article in the Village Voice proved us wrong. The post was about a new art company, called Wall-(m)Art…. Read More.

It’s great to see a project we’ve worked on showcased in a national magazine, but it’s even better when that magazine is Elle Décor. And better, still, when that magazine includes more than one of our projects…. Read More.

One of the greatest things about working at ILevel is that we often get to collaborate with some of the best interior designers in New York City. When it comes time for an art installation in a client’s home, they want to make sure the pieces are arranged in a way that make sense visually, that they’re hung evenly and securely, and that the art is properly lit, so they give us a call to ensure the project is done right…. Read More.