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ILevel Staff Art Show in New York City: Photographer Jack Stadtlander

Last week, we announced our upcoming ILevel Staff Art Show taking place at our office beginning June 6th. All of our installers at ILevel are talented artists, and we’re excited to show off their work. Today, we’re talking with veteran ILeveler, Jack Stadtlander.

What kind of art do you make? 

Landscape and still life shots that are made in a spontaneous manner. Unplanned moments.  I am attracted to light and form and I think the three pieces you’ll see at the show fit that description quite well.

When did you start your career as an artist? 

I have been making art since a young age as I grew up in an artistic household that encouraged creativity.

What are you showing at the ILevel staff show?

I will be showing some new photography work from the past few months.  I have three pieces to submit for the show and they are color photographic prints taken on a medium format film camera.

To see more of Jack’s work, stop by our offices at 37 East 7th Street in New York, NY.


ILevel Installation: Wall-to-Wall Artwork

As far as gallery walls go, this next project was larger and more unique than most. The client had a collection of pink “tiles,” that they wanted hung across the length of two intersecting walls. Luckily for us, the wall-to-wall artwork was actually made of cardboard, something that simplified the process a bit.

The challenge, then, came not in the installing, but in the arranging. Because the tiles had such a linear, geometric design, we wanted the arrangement to be neat and deliberate. Which meant carefully laying out and rearranging the collection until we had just the right setup. To further emphasize the geometry of the arrangement, each tile has the exact amount of space surrounding it. 

  wall to wall art

Need help hanging pictures, art, cardboard tiles on your walls? Get in touch with ILevel at info@ilevel.biz, or visit our studio space at 37 E. 7th St. in Manhattan.


Come Visit ILevel’s Brand New Studio Space

ilevel studio space

What better way to celebrate a new year than with a brand new space? We’re excited to share that in January, ILevel officially moved to our beautiful new location, a 1600 square foot studio on 7th street. We hope our new home will not only give us a gorgeous space to showcase our work, but will also better allow us to help our clients visualize and find inspiration for the walls of their homes.

So what can you expect from our new location? For one, we’ve divided the space up into three areas. In the front office, we’ll welcome our customers to discuss project details and set up appointments, and we’ll have staff on hand to answer technical and product questions. In our gallery space, we’ll showcase our ILevel studio collections — sets of curated art and objects available for purchase (Learn more about unique collections from ILevel Studio here).

The final space, which we’re especially excited about, is the “workroom.” Here, we’ll hang rotating examples of unique art and photo arrangements in order to help inspire our clients about the possibilities for their walls, and provide tangible samples of what they can expect from our work. We will also use this space to create family photo walls–we invite our customers to bring in their boxes of old pictures (or an iPhone full of snapshots), and we’ll collaborate to sort, print, frame and arrange a beautiful collection of images. We’ll also host all events, workshops, and openings in this new space.

Want to see our new home for yourself? We invite you to stop by 37 East 7th St. to discuss a project, check out our collections for sale, or simply take a look around!