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Our Favorite Family Photo Walls

Family photo walls are one of our favorite projects to work on (and they also happen to be something we specialize in). We love helping families curate a daily reminder of their favorite memories, while also creating a beautiful display. Throughout the years we’ve built family photo walls in all sorts of styles, from colorful and casual, to tightly curated and gallery-like. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your family photo wall, take a cue from some of our favorite projects from the past. 

A breakfast nook doesn’t get much more cheerful than a bright orange banquette and the shining faces of your family through the years.

family photo walls

Here, a selection of black and white photography in black and white frames creates an elegant display on a staircase. 

family photo walls  

This client turned a hallway into a gallery of family history. The photos, in both color and black and white, are given a cohesive feel with matching white frames. 

This arrangement is similar to the one above, but mats were added for a fine-art feel. 

family photo walls  

One of our favorite ways to add personality and fun to family photo walls? Include children’s artwork in the mix, like in this gallery below. 

 family photo walls

For a sleek and modern style, this client chose to hang black and white photography against a black wall. 

family photo walls

Need help creating a custom photo wall for your family? Find out more about our family photo wall services here


Retail Store Decor: A New York City Dog Salon

We’ve talked before about the importance of choosing the right art for a retail store design. The pictures on the walls in any shop not only reinforce its brand and inform its overall atmosphere, but can affect the way customers feel about their experience from the moment they walk in.

retail store wall art - dog salon

This next project, which we recently completed in a New York City dog salon, is the perfect example of a job well done. The salon owners had gathered portraits of canine “clients” and had them professionally printed, which both showed off the work they’d done and was also just downright adorable. We’re pretty sure that any customer–either canine and human–who visits the salon will feel both instantly welcome, and instantly cheerful. Here’s a closer look at this fun space. 


We created multiple gallery walls in the space, both symmetrical and not, which makes the storefront feel less formal. To create a balance between the two walls, we opted to hang the neat, grid style arrangement on the bold yellow wall, and hang the more-fluid feeling arrangement on the simple white wall. 

retail store art installation- new york city 

How adorable are these photos? 

For help choosing, arranging, and hanging wall art in a New York-area retail space, get in touch with ILevel at info@ilevel.biz.





Outdoor Art Exhibits Around New York City This Summer

New York City isn’t exactly know as a place for outdoor enthusiasts. Many of the best reasons to visit or live in New York–galleries, museums, restaurants, shopping, theater–are indoors. But if you prefer to spend the warm summer months with the sun shining on your face (we don’t blame you!) there are still many ways to enjoy New York outdoors, too. One of our favorites is touring the city’s many outdoor art events that take place each summer season. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the best.

The High Line. The High Line is always a sure bet for art lovers and fresh air fanatics alike. This summer’s art installation, Wanderlust, features sculptural works centered around a theme of exploration and adventure by a variety of artists.


Image via Curbed NY

Isa Genzken: Two Orchids at Central Park. As if you need another reason to visit Central Park this summer, these towering sculptures will be on display in the Park through August 21.

Image via Curbed NY

Image via Curbed NY

Madison Square Art. The latest installation by the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s art program is Martin Puryear’s Big Bling, a 40 foot tall sculpture that will be on display through Jannuary 2017.


Image via Madison Square Park

PsychoBarn at the Met. This year’s exhibit on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is unlike anything you’ve ever seen … at least in real life. Artist Cornelia Parker has created her rendition of the iconic Batse Hotel from the movie Psycho.


Image via The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Coney Island Art Walls. One of New York’s most famous outdoor attractions is getting a new exhibit this summer: The Coney Island  Art Walls will feature murals from 21 different street artists.

1- Mr._Cartoon.0.0

Image by Martha Cooper